The Bladder

The bladderThe bladder doctors known as urologists or urology specialists are medical doctors trained in diagnosing, treating and performing urologic surgery of the kidney, the prostate, the bladder, erectile dysfunction causes and testicular cancer symptoms . Our world renowned team of urology specialists is trained in the full array of urologic disorders. The urinary system helps the body balance the bodies’ fluid volume and blood pressure, as well as help to regulate our pH levels and production of red blood cells, the kidneys remove urea and water from our blood and send it through the ureters into the bladder allowing use to store it for 3 or 4 hours before having to pass it out.

The bladder doctors are experienced in assessing images of the kidneys and bladder for the primary pathologies that are found with ultrasound, CT scan, x-ray, intravenous pyelogram (IVP) such as bladder stones, kidney stones, bladder tumors, bladder diverticuli, urinary obstruction, hydronephrosis, strictures, and a kidney mass. In most cases the urologist is cross trained in all the diagnostic and medical interventions of the entire genitourinary system. However each urologist has certain procedures that they perform more often than other procedures creating a presumption and a preference which ultimately leads to their reputation as an expert in that particular disorder.

Dr. Fernando Bianco has researched surgical outcomes using robotic surgery which indicates that the surgeons that have performed over 300 da Vinci prostatectomy procedures have higher success rates. The team of urologists at the Urology Specialists Miami center, are some of the world’s leading da Vinci surgery experts. The founder of Urology Specialists Dr. Edward Gheiler who was with the University of Miami and the Chief of the urology at Miami Veterans' Administration Medical Center has been specializing in urinary incontinence for the last 20 years.

Dr. Gheiler analyzes the neural and muscular capacity of the bladder with a urodynamic study and also helps his patients strengthen their bladder muscles to stop their stress incontinence with pelvic floor biofeedback training. Dr. Gheiler’s experience and skill set includes the implantation of neural stimulators into the spine to bring bladder function back to his patients. In his career as a bladder specialist Dr. Gheiler has performed hundreds of prolapse surgery procedures which entails implanting a mesh sling to lift the dropped bladder up into it proper position so that both the bladder and the urethra can empty the urine properly so there is no more urinary retention or stress incontinence. Dr. Gheiler has also performed hundreds of urethral bulking procedures which allow the urethra to close properly and stop urine from leaking out, eliminating their urinary incontinence.

The bladder doctors at the international Urology Specialists center in Florida include Dr. Maximiliano Sorbellini who specializes in bladder cancer and kidney cancer. He performs the cystectomy and urinary diversion with da Vinci surgery (robotic surgery). His training at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC and the National Cancer Institute/ National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC has placed him with only a handful of surgeons in the world that will perform multiple kidney tumor removal (partial nephrectomy) robotically thus saving the kidney and allowing the kidney cancer patients to have better renal function compared to those that have their entire kidney removed. See our “what is a nephrectomy” website. Dr. Sorbellini is also one of the 3% of American urologic surgeons that will perform complex partial nephrectomy procedures which means they will save the kidney by removing the kidney mass when it is near the renal arteries and also when it is in the collecting tubes.

Dr. Sorbellini has researched the difference between nephrectomy and partial nephrectomy patient outcomes, which has started to change medicine. The new research has shown that people that had their entire kidney removed in a nephrectomy have a 25% increased risk of cardiac death. These new multiple kidney mass removal partial nephrectomy and complex partial nephrectomy procedures raise the bar for people that can find the very few surgeons to perform these advanced level partial nephrectomy procedures. Research studies have also shown that people that had their entire kidney removed (in a nephrectomy) have a 17% increased risk of death from any cause compared to those having a partial nephrectomy.

The bladder doctors of the South Florida Urology Specialists center are the best bladder surgeons in the world and are available by either making an appointment with our request an appointment form or by calling 305 822 7227.  Our international phone numbers are: Argentina: 6090-2397, Chile: 581.3467, Colombia: 508.2419, Mexico: 4624.2465, Panama: 836.5419, and Venezuela: 335.5080. The next page covers the bladder symptoms.


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